WARNING: Some products on this site contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

Whakatūpato: He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawara

Nicotine Salt NZ – More Than a Burst of Flavours on Your Taste Buds

A new vaping craze is proving to be more than just hype. Get your fix with nicotine salts. NZ and the entire vaping community is celebrating the trend which is currently the most exciting technology to hit the market. It features a very satisfying nature, ideal for both experienced vapers and those who are just beginning to explore the use of vape devices to curb traditional smoking habits. Studies have proven the potency of nicsalts over its freebase e-liquid counterparts. Flawlessly, it mimics the distinct combustible taste and feel of traditional tobacco smoking minus the smoke intake and chemicals involved.

As it is, the variety of e-juice types and flavours available– all featuring distinct ingredient characteristics, is already very overwhelming. The hunt for the best kind that works for you can be a tedious task. Now, why should you even consider jumping on the bandwagon? Why try nicotine salt e-liquid?

What is Nicotine Salt?

Simply put, nic salt comes in its purest form. Though most vapers haven’t heard about it until salt e-liquids were made widely popular, it has been around for a long, long time. In fact, it’s the only naturally occurring form of nicotine that uniquely holds water. It is present in tobacco leaves and is formed as a result of the chemical bonding with specific acids to create a molecule that is much more stable.

The type produced will depend on the acid involved in the process– citric, lactic, malic, and so on. In a nutshell, this is the readily available and organic form.

How is it different from Freebase Nics?

Basically, 100% freebase means nicotine stripped of all its protons. This increases its bioavailability properties dramatically, allowing quick absorption into the body. This freebase, completely unprotonated version, was developed by tobacco companies in the 1960s. By adding ammonia into the mix, tobacco giants made sure that cigarette blends come up stronger and much more addictive. Throughout the years, the industry spent millions of dollars continually coming up with new and improved formula to keep a big slice of the population, in different parts of the world hooked.

The Chemistry Behind Salted Nicotine

With a goal to replicate the authentic sensation of smoking a cigarette, a vaping innovator discovered a way to make organic nicotine more bioavailable. The use of Benzoic Acid for bonding resulted in lowered pH levels and helped nicsalt to vaporise at lower temperatures. This produced smoother throat hits. The addition of this acid also generates a chemical reaction that makes salt nics easily absorbent.

This provides vapers with spiked nicotine levels in the bloodstream for that much-needed buzz to satisfy the cravings. Salted nicotine e-juices come in a non-volatile form, mixed in Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). And these are available in a rich variety of flavourful treats that burst on your taste buds.

Benefits of Nicsalt E-Liquids

Now, let’s take a step away from all the science and really draw deep into– what’s in it for you?

Smoother hit:

The use of salt e-liquid has allowed vapers the pleasures that high doses of nicotine bring without the harsh throat hit that come with it.

More satisfying:

The high efficacy of nicotine absorption means hitting the sweet spot and enjoying satisfying drags without having to vape longer or more often.

Simple, tiny vaping devices will do:

The kick is in the salt itself, so there’s no need to invest in high-powered, expensive vaping gadgets. All the extra buttons and knobs is unnecessary. This can be used with any mouth-to-lung and smaller vaping devices.

Portable and convenient:

Because you will only need a smaller amount of salted nicotine with a more compact vaping device, carrying around your tiny yet potent arsenal will never cause any difficulty.

Extended shelf-life:

More stable than freebase nicotine e-liquids, nicsalts last longer in storage without its quality degrading.

Is Nicotine Salt E-liquids Safe?

Organic nicotine salts made readily absorbent to the body offer a quicker but longer and more satisfying fix. Though in different forms, it still has the same effects on the body as its freebase counterpart. So there’s really no difference in the risks involved.

However, the effective rate of absorption and pure pleasure of authentic combusting flavours of traditional smoking work together to achieve a higher level of fulfilment. This means vapers do not need to “chain vape”.

Is Nicsalts Here to Stay?

Nic salt e-liquids have, definitely, filled a gap in the market right now. Vaping salted nicotine e-liquids has become an excellent option for:

Price-conscious DIYers

Who’re after the best bang for their buck


Transitioning smokers

Needing something strong in e-juices


Seasoned vapers

Looking for smoother experience in more portable vaping gadgets


Stealth vapers

Who enjoy discreet hits with their small vaping devices

But is it a threat that will eventually push out regular vape juices? The answer is a resounding – No. Cloud-chasing is still a popular sport for vapers which is something that cannot be done with nicsalts. However, it is a welcome option in the vape community to give unique options for distinct, personal preferences. And its growing popularity is proof that many have found it enjoyable and satisfying.

Nicotine Salt NZ and AUS Laws

Before looking to buy salted nicotine e-liquid, it is crucial to understand the legalities of acquiring such products. If you are living in Australia, you cannot legally obtain this from Australian e-cigarette vendors. But it is perfectly legal to import salt nics from New Zealand for personal use. The acceptable generally quoted amount is up to three months supply. For kiwis, you are legally entitled to purchase Nicsalt products in New Zealand that are available for personal use. It is illegal, however, to buy it from someone selling e-cigarettes who’s making therapeutic claims.

You will never know what you’re missing until you give nicotine salts a try. Looking for the best nicotine salt NZ has to offer? Indulge in these HELvape Nicsalt Flavours.